Environment for Genius

Edward Tenner was a Harvard Junior Fellow from 1969 to 1972. Years later, the ideas and values of the faculty directors of the program (Senior Fellows) and his peers continue to fascinate, inspire, and provoke him. Columbia, Michigan, and Princeton Universities have established their own versions of the program and even retained the circular name; a fellow (socius) is literally a member of a society.

Selected Works

Humanity remaking itself through technology
The self-cancelling, self-frustrating side of human ingenuity, and what to do about it.
Magazine Articles
A review of James R. Chiles, Inviting Disaster: Lessons from the Edge of Technology in Harvard Magazine
How sitting customs have affected the human body
Are big structures harbingers of decline?
Harvard's debt to the shoe industry
The Harvard Society of Fellows, a history and personal appreciation
The U.S. military-industrial complex's surprising debt to France.